12/31▷►►Koenji Cave presents Countdown 2017-2018◄◄◁

▷►►Koenji Cave presents Countdown 2017-2018◄◄◁ Date : 2017.12.31 – 2018.1.1 Open : 21:00 Venue : Koenji cave 住所:東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビルB1-9099 Facebookイベントページ:https://www.facebook.com/events/1752176818417506/ Dj's Bar cave Web:https://www.djsbarcave.tokyo/ Entrance : Advance Ticket/前売りチケット→ 2500円特典付 *CAVEにて発売中! On the Day/当日→ 3500円(1Drink) ※24時間再入場可 / Re-Enter 24hrs :) ▷►►Main - Psychedelic Universe NTERNATIONAL Skizologic (Zion 604) From Israel, Shidapu (Zion 604) From Israel LIVE Ubartmar (Panorama records) Jikooha (Panorama Rec, Matsuri Digital, Shamanarchy) Doppelgenger (GURUZ, THEUS) The Daleks (DmT Music, natural smile) DJs BuzZ (Sangoma Records) / Funky Gong (IDPS, Volcano Aso) HANABI


INDUSTRIAL/TECHNOISE/NEW WAVE EXTREAM/TECHNO/AVANTGARDE CORROSION 12/30土曜日 23:00OPEN ¥2000 会場:高円寺CAVE Live act P.R.D. & JUN KONAGAYA(GRIM) risaripa REMO& EIHH Main floor DJ P.R.D.(顔がない) anokthus 小川直人 持田保 モチヅキマサル Michi-Silve(†13th moon†) Lounge DJ belle kaw migon モチヅキマサル Michi-Silve(†13th moon†) FB PAGE https://www.facebook.com/events/1628036480550060/?active_tab=about 【Information】 DJ's Bar Cave ♧CAVE OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://djsbarcave.tokyo/ ♧Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Koenji-cave/151455274908591 ♧Instagram https://www.instagram.com/cave_koenji/ ♧Twitter @cave2009 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階 03-5929-9099 [ご注意] ※ジャージ、作業着、サンダル スーツ等 相手を威嚇するような服装での入店は出来な

12/29 Freaky Friday Bonenkai!!!!

Freaky Friday Bonenkai!!!! Come and get Freaky on the last Friday of the year!!!! work is over and hell yeah by then! ¥2000obo 11pm Bar Open 12am Start ************************* Conjunction Junction Freakzone Special Secret Live TBA Disco Takahashi ☆ Steffen¥oshiki calumecs (dosing) CPU The Daleks Live Paint KOCHA ************************** Eclectic Hectic Bar Social ♣︎ふるえるきのこちゃん (木兆色研究所/KittYGUY PROJECT). ♣︎BUSTER-12 (舞/BEYOND THE THINGS) ♣︎Tomo (Blue heaven/Strange planet) ♣︎猫耳おじさん ♣︎Daisuke Asaoka ♣︎Naoto (sound of fly/和刻) ♣︎SOL(SPOON) VJ: CAVENisshy Treats: Sourdough Doozy Face book page https://www.facebook.com/events/158879424840067/ 【Informati

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