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11/14 〜Re- advent〜

11/14sat Place: Koenj Cave Genre:Psychedelic Trance

〜Re- advent〜 Start: 23:00 Door:2500 1D Discountは各出演者迄 -Psychedelic Stage- Live act Jangaramongara (DSP/Vantara Vichitra) DJs Naoto (bandit/Sound of fly) Hanpen (bandit) tiger-buby [閻魔=emma/D.D.T] 魔三郎 (Rajas Records/M&S SpecialCollaboration/コリコリ拳) AKO(SMILE…/心太/ILLUMINOID/sirius 528hz) -Lounge floor- DJs Takehiro (Magi9) Dan (Acid Test Pressings UK) eRinyA (OTHERLAND、Psytechnology) BUSTER-12 (舞/ёR) 月照) WAKIKO (Freeee) RAS DAJI ( RHYTHMIC ZONE / BRIMSTONE AND FIRE SOUND SYSTEM)

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