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11/28 〜Psychedelic pursuit〜

11/28sat 〜Psychedelic pursuit〜

Place: Koenj Cave Genre:Psychedelic Trance Start: 23:00 Door:2500 1D Discountは各出演者迄 -Psychedelic floor- -Live act- TEN-G(DRACONIC/Madskippers/AdamaRecords) DJs A to Z ANNY (SoundCanp P.T.A) DAIJIRO (Digital Block) MARO (Out of Base) MOTHERSHIP (Phar-Psyde Records / Shangri-la) TERUBI (神眼芸術/Rhythm9) -Second lounge- DJs A to Z DIE(ゆにふぁむないとぉ〜) Monta (Harvest Dance) RECOO TwinTail (3rd EYE Japan/Arch420) 変化the返球 …info coming soon -LaserOperation- TwinTail (3rd EYE Japan/Arch420)

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