2016/1/10 -BEYOND THE THINGS Vol.5-

-BEYOND THE THINGS Vol.5- https://www.facebook.com/events/802894219821763/

2016/1/10(Sunday) Place: Koenj Cave Genre:Techno,Psytrance,AllMix Start:23:00 Door:2000 ◉Guest DJs◉ rat(Shangri-la/Goa Tribe/DayDream Belivers) BUSTER-12(舞) TEK(ELECTROMAJIK) Q(阿吽) Keisuke(Conception Complex) ◉DJs◉ ERINA BLACK ROSE(Nutek production/IDPS) kafkey(c-less/IDPS) MiHO(IDPS) NOIZ(IDPS) NINO(IDPS) Nely(IDPS) YOTTE(Feld/as U like) YUC(IDPS) ◉BEYOND THE THINGS DJs◉ Iregreen(BEYOND THE THINGS/IDPS) 0-kami(BEYOND THE THINGS/IDPS) ◉VJs◉ Techmacmaya.com(Angstrom/D.N.R.) 墓あき(lllegal Underwear/PLANET) ◉Flyer◉ Techmacmaya.com(Angstrom/D.N.R.) ◉高円寺CAVE◉ http://www.djsbarcave.tokyo/

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