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2016/4/16 〜Blows spring wind〜

Koenji cave presents〜blows spring wind〜 PLACE: KOENJI CAVE GENRE:Psychedelic Trance & Free Style START:23:00 DOOR:2500 1D -Live & DJ - Justincaseboy (Parvati Records/USA) y@s (Sound of fly) taka-c (和刻) Buby (D.D.T/Rajas Rec) 左利 (和刻) seiji animaminimal(Dance Of Shiva / Funland Disco) -Free Style- Ko-z (Sound of fly) 変化変形 (codona マスターベーション/肉体関係) 林檎 (禁断の果実/月華祭) Takehiro (Magi9) Naoto (Sound of fly/bandit) Masa❷ (Sound of fly/Rajas records) and more info… -Info- DJ's Bar Cave ※ ※ ※ 〒166-0003 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階 0359299099

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