2016/5/21 『 Spirit of CAVE 』

5/21sat Koenji Cave presents 『 Spirit of CAVE 』

https://www.facebook.com/events/1531854320454287/ PLACE: KOENJI CAVE GENRE:Techno Psychedelic Trance & Free Style START: 23:00 DOOR:2500 1D ※ディスカウントは各出演者迄 -Main Floor- DJs ☆KEIKI (Extra Music/Manic Dragon Records/Triplag Music) ☆TANNY - EVOLUTION - Equalize Music ex SamuraiTribe ☆TERUBI (Rhythm9,神眼芸術 / Japan) ☆Emiko Amore (Goa/Japan) ☆ANNY ☆JIN (Rezonancia) -Free Style- DJs ◆KENZO-A (MADSKIPPERS/ Planet/ Rituals/ etc.) ◆Pipi ( Mirage / UnderConstruction ) ◆WAKIKO (Anecdote/Freeee) ◆Kato M (Chameleon) ◆Taisouegao (O.P.R.) ◆Coyub i(star dust from tomorrow) ◆DJ RITE (RUSH) -Info- DJ's Bar Cave ※http://djsbarcave.tokyo/ ※https://www.facebook.com/pages/Koenji-cave/151455274908591 ※https://www.facebook.com/rajasrecords 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階 0359299099

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