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10/7 Figure out

Figure out @ CAVE Koenji 2017.10.07.(SAT.) Open & Start 22:30 Techno ,House ,Trance and more ! entrance fee : 2000 yen with 1 drink discount :1500 yen with 1 drink 各出演者迄 Main Floor : Live: Psychemin Kaz. MASTER MASTER (Muller Records) Masaru Uchida (Statik Records) DJ: DK Bros. Kozi Komatsu (KEPLER Records) Keita Endo (Club Doikki) Bowz (Toranoana) Lounge Floor : Angus (Chilluxe) Kesao (Chilluxe) Blue Cat (OrangeLine / ひみつきち) BUSTER-12 雪之承 didi (Black Friday) マッサージ & フード bonbon -Info- DJ's Bar Cave ♧HP ♧Facebook ♧Instagram ♧Twitter @cave2009 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階 0359299099

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