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6/8 Freaky Friday

Hey y’all it’s time to get Freaky again! And what better timing following that cosmic explosion of energy in May? Once again we will have the freakiest lineup of sonic navigators for a Friday night In Tokyo. From twisted and wicked to funky and junky, dark and light some sprinkles from outer space inspired Suomisaundi grooves and desert jams from the Psychedelic brotherhood and live painting to bring you to another dimension we present to you “the classic” Freaky Friday. Whatever your ills, chills, or plain old thrills, come join us in making a psychedelic maelstrom and dance your freaky ass off! The only friday party for psychedelic underground groovers! Koenji Cave 高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビルB1 Suginami-ku, Tokyo, Japan 6/8 Entrance 2000 yen Until Midnight 1500 yen!!! The Dark Forest ************************** American Tour Return Special Set CPU (nutek records) Dance of Shiva Special Preparation Set Cosmic Shmosmic Tel Quel (mekka) AKO (smile / 528hz) pinkymushroom The Daleks (dmt Muṧic) Eclectic Hectic Bar Social *************************** Disco Takahashi Andaaza Lounge Lizard Tel Quel Planetary Live Paint Carlos Sulpizio VJ: tab Special Shop Sourdough Doozie

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