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9/28 Kurage - minimal | techno

KURAGE - minimal | techno 2018/9/28 (fri) 23:00 start Entrance fee ¥2,000- Discount ¥1,500- Among the maniac clubs, it is a quite maniac club Kaotoji cave is held almost every month at club. We will send you an overnight crowded with various artists from metamorphic techno to hard techno. You can soak in a session for one night only with a friend who loves to talk with a friend slowly while drinking or visiting from various countries. It may be perfect for you who are changing because they are mostly metamorphoses. Oops, it might be a bit narrow for a big friend there, because it is a very small club. I will be waiting for it! - GENRE minimal techno, deep techno, techno - LIVE & DJ DAIZU

Fractaldisco Happy88 katz 25 NABE NZM [NEOTOKYO / TURBULENCE] kumari Chemiboo P-xy YAHHOI [ ELF MUSIC ] - Yusuke Ono [IDPS] Tiger Minako and more... - INFORMATION DJ’S BAR CAVE HP FB Instagram Twitter @cave2009 〒1660003 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階

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