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5/18 koenji cave presents*** Frei ***

koenjicave presents * Frei * ►2019/5/18 sat at koenjicave Tokyo ►Start 23:00 ►ENTRANCE 2000 Discountは各出演者迄 ►GENRE:/PsychedelicTrance/Darkp sychedelictrance/Full on ॐॐ Main Floor ॐॐ ▶︎▶︎DJs ༄MISAKI (Candyflip/ NakeD) ༄Suke (Multifrequency Rec/Brain Busters/Rajas Rec/Wildseven Rec/Fullmoon Rec/Satori Rec) ༄MOTHERSHIP (Phar Psyde Records) ༄HAYATO (TIDALUS/Brain Busters / JP) ༄Tsune (Candyflip / Hotto Motto) ༄d.a.n (Free) ॐॐ Free Style Space ॐॐ ▶︎▶︎DJs ༄kunji ༄d.a.n ༄KGee ༄DJ usoul ༄freestyle cinnchann ༄Fractal disco ༄༄ INFORMATION ༄ ༄ DJ’S BAR CAVE ༄ HP ༄ Facebook ༄ Instagram ༄ Twitter @cave2009 〒1660003 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階



(Not allow to bring drinks,Do not bring any items prohibited by law.)


(Prohibit to enter with clothes that intimidate other participants. )


(Prohibit all acts that disturb neighbors and other participants.)


●公共道路、近隣住人への迷惑行為、違法行為、危険行為、違法物持ち込みを、発見した場合、スタッフの指示に従っ て頂けない方は、いかなる場合でも強制退店、通報等いたします。

●主催者及び会場管理者は会場内、会場外での事故、盗難、紛失、レッカー移動などの責任を一切負いませんので予めご了承 下さい。

Please keep clean and save Playground.

Please do not carry any illegal substance and drinks from outside.

If person makes trouble with other participants, will ask to leave from venue.. keep smile and keep dancing :)

※Don't make trouble with other participants.

※Venue is not allow to enter who wear the office suit, training

 wear and sandals, and Please respect to Neighbors, don't stay

 out side of venue with many people.

※Don't bring items prohibit by law.

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