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6/1 Forever Psychedelic Ⅲ ~ Tsuyoshi Suzuki 6 hours ~ Deck Wizards

来る6月1日(土曜日)再び日本が世界に誇るファーザー・オブ・ゴアトランスTsuyoshi Suzukiがロングセットで高円寺 ケイブに登場!

Koenji caveにて半年に一度開催している《Forever Psychedelic》と題すこのパーティーは今回で開催3回目となり、昨年12月は7時間半以上プレイし続け参加者を音による幻覚体験へと導いた。

3度目となる本パーティーは、TSUYOSHI SUZUKIが2019年3月 Future Music Recordsからリリースした幻のコンピレーションアルバムの続編《Deck Wizards》を中心に、新旧の楽曲を織り交ぜた音によるサイケデリックジャーニーを体感できる特別な夜となる。


The 3rd Japanese Goa Trance father, Tsuyoshi Suzuki 's long set party hold on 1st June!

Event named "Forever Psychedelic" is Tsuyoshi Suzuki's regular event at Koenji cave, this is only one in the world where deliver the his long set which lead you to real psychedelic journey by music. From Acidy 90's Goa to trippy latest psychedelic trance tunes, TSUYOSHI will bring us to listen the real psychedelic beats from past to future.

Lounge space will be "alternative" and "free-style" floor, artists play New wave to Black music as roots of GOA culture.

Koenji Cave is heart-warming venue for foreign tourist and visitors,

We wish many people come to see the real Japanese underground!


Forever Psychedelic Ⅲ "Deck Wizards"

~ Tsuyoshi Suzuki 6 hours Party ~

#goatrance #psychedelictrance #newwave #blackmusic

Date▷▷2019.6.1 (Sat) Open / Start 23:00 pm

Venue▷▷Koenji cave

Entrance▷▷2,500 Yen

Discountは出演者へ / Ask Discount for Artists

Line Up▷▷

Forever Psychedelic Floor

6 hours set ▷▷Tsuyoshi Suzuki


Open Journey.. Acid chill ▷▷HRK

(HRK aka Mijinko, Matsuri Digital Chill/Zion 604)





Abstract Lounge▷▷

Jun Jikooha (Shamanarchy)

Tomocomo (Panorama Rec./Shamanarchy)

Toshiki (Landscape / DayDream Believers) Rat ( DayDream Believers / Goa Tribe) Jin (Goa Tribe) DJ Kenzo-A Kandemic

Chy- Chy-



(Not allow to bring drinks,Do not bring any items prohibited by law)


(Prohibit to enter with clothes that intimidate other participants. )


(Prohibit all acts that disturb neighbors and other participants.)

Venue : 高円寺 ケイブ▷▷

B1, 4-23 Koenji Minami, Suginami-ku Tokyo 1660003

東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビルB1



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