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2/23 koenjicave presents * Carland *

koenjicave presents * Carland * ►2020/2/23 sun(祝日前) at koenjicave Tokyo ►Start 22:30 ►ENTRANCE 2000 Discountは各出演者迄 ►GENRE:/PsychedelicTrance/Techno ॐॐ Main Floor ॐॐ ▶︎DJs ☆Chan (OUROBOROS, ELFmusic) ☆Na-Ga (OUROBOROS) ☆Chack (OUROBOROS) ☆KUNJI (UP!NOIZE Records/Portugal) ☆otha (POYON TECHNOLOGY / STAR☆WEDNESDAY) ☆ Chapita (electricstorm/illegalnoise)

☆Ban ☆OGS ☆228 ॐॐ Free Style ॐॐ ▶︎DJs ☆xylo ☆chad ☆Hammer ☆The Diabolik Gospel aka anasista ☆nobu ☆takahumi matsumoto ☆フシミユウキ  ☆TANAKAAKIRA ☆KASHIWAGI ॐॐ Massage ॐॐ 癒し処 匠庵 ༄༄ INFORMATION ༄༄ DJ’S BAR CAVE ༄HP ༄Facebook ༄youtube Koenji CAVE You tube チャンネル ༄Instagram ༄Twitter @cave2009 〒1660003 東京都杉並区高円寺南4-23-5 ACPビル地下1階 0359299099

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