5/9 Girls Dj's Streaming Night by Koenji Cave (配信/Streaming Only)

2020.05.09 (Sat) 23:55 pm Tune in! Girls Dj's Streaming Night by Koenji Cave (配信/Streaming Only) Japanese womens Dj's streaming :) We wanted deliver Girls 604 Night, however changed program because of Japanese state of emergency is extended.. Instead of Goa Trance night, we will deliver Streaming show by womens DJ with variety of dance music! 予定しておりましたガールズゴアトランスナイトを自粛制限延長のため、延期させて頂き、その代わりといたしまして女性DJによる配信番組を放送いたします。 閲覧/Streaming on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/koenjicave Sound Navigators: KUMARI Hammar P-xy(SECRET STAR) HRK aka Mijinko ▶︎ Platform Koenji cave Web△ http://djsbarcave.tokyo/ Facebook△ Koenji cave

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