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2020.5.23 更新





Koenji Caveの代表の西です。今日は皆様にお願いがあって、このページを作りました。








高円寺 西
Koenji Cave opened in 2009 and celebrated 10th anniversary last year.

We has been struggling due to the influence of Covid-19.

Sales have plummeted since end of March, therefore we can't effort rent and renewals fee will not be able pay in end of month.

We had lot of problems past 10 years, somehow those problems were solved by support from artists and customers. But current situation is worst and we are thinking unable to keep our venue.

Koenji cave had been functioned as gateway to the club scene for many artists, also one of the underground music social spot for supports Japanese dance music scene. We have been many visitors from overseas, we continued to operate as a place loved by everyone.. however this situation we must let place go…

Would you be able to help us not let go of the place we slowly raised? This time we really need support as donation from people who loves our venue to keep Koenji cave.We made page of crowdfunding:

System is in Japanese, so if you not readable donate us via paypal,
Paypal :

Any amount is save our lives.To return your donation, We invite you party as entrance-free, 

if not be able to visit us, we will send you cd which we released in past.

Please support us! Thank you for read this long message.

Nisshy from Koenji cave

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